Ahead of Winter

by Steve Mitchell


Here’s a quick photo of our weekend visitor.

The law firm where Lucie works has an office cat.  His name is Ricky, but Lucie has nicknamed him Abogato.  She brought him home for the long holiday so he’d have company.


Whereas I find myself pulled into and repelled by the hate, fear and ignorance which passes for public discourse these days, Abogato cares not a whit.

Abogato doesn’t care about the insane, deep, bigoted, comment-thread, rabbit holes on Facebook.  He isn’t concerned with hyperbole and rhetoric.  He doesn’t watch the news.  He doesn’t need to be right.  He doesn’t need you to be wrong.

He sits in laps.  He eats his food.  He explores the environment.  He attacks our feet and stalks the dogs.

He’s a little too interested in Lucie’s beta fish.

He’s a cat.

And people are people.