Got My Switch – It’s Gonna Rain

by Steve Mitchell

My replacement, used, motorcycle, turn-signal switch arrived today.  I wasn’t expecting it until Friday, so it was a nice surprise.

I went ahead and installed it, replacing my used, motorcycle, broken, turn-signal switch.

I didn’t take any pictures.   Wait, I’ve go the eBay picture, somewhere.



It looked something, exactly, like this…

It was pretty straightforward.  Two screws held both halves of the switch housing together.  Three plugs (well, two plugs and two spade connecters) hooked the switch into the bikes circuitry and, voila!

I’ve got functional turn signals again and my horn still works and so do my brights.

I did have to take off the left side fairing to get at the connector plugs, but, ah well.  The whole thing took about 35 minutes.


I can ride tomorrow.


It’s likely going to rain.  It’s El Nino; you know.

I don’t feel like being rained on.

Curses to you El Nino!  How old are you, anyhow?  Are you even really a Nino?

I think not.


Maybe I’ll wait until Friday.