All Diamond and no Heart

by Steve Mitchell

I see you’ve played

the Race Card

strong move

strong move

no, it is the Race Card

and you’ve played it

give me a minute

I can win this

I can take this trick


I’m just-


first the Anger Card





it goes like this

I should’ve known you’d play the race card!

then a variation –

the Indignation Card

get over it! why can’t I exclude people too!


yeah, now I’m cooking

so, next because of the double outrage

I drop

the Condescension Card

because, really,

I don’t even see race, but … bootstrap!

which flows into

the Self-Involved Moral High Ground Card

I’m oppressed too but I don’t whine about it

and finally

the coup de grâce

the trump de la trump

the Unspoken Race Card

I don’t even have to play it

because I’m white

and I’ll take this pot

and go home

and la la la la I can’t hear you

and I win!


I win!

and it’s not graceful


I know

but hey

we play the cards we’re dealt


© Steve Mitchell 2016