And, Also, These Slim Fit Pants Sure Are Snug

by Steve Mitchell

I’m not one to humble-brag; I’m embarrassed to even relay this exchange.

But, just the other day, Whitney James De Lacroix, former World Humble-Brag Champion and current chair of the International Humble-Brag Judging Tribunal, approached me.

He told me, “You’ve got an amazing, raw, innate talent, Sir.  You could, perhaps, someday, be the world’s best humble-braggart.”

I looked at my feet and shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I’m green.  I only made it fifteen rounds into the finals before being narrowly defeated by the man who would go on to take the entire championship.  I clearly lack focus and ambition.  I should’ve trained  I really didn’t train.”

Mr. De Lacroix snorted.  “You poor, sad, ridiculous genius.”