The Best Laid Schemes

by Steve Mitchell

I told you someone stole the painting of a peacock I’d done for a friend – they stole it right off his exterior wall.

Well, I’d had fun painting that peacock so I told him I’d make another painting for him if he wanted.

He did and dropped off a 4′ x 4′ wood panel.


I may as well have just beat my head against it for the last 30 hours.

I’m beyond frustrated.

That’s how it goes sometimes.

I feel pressure, sure.  Our friend really loved the peacock painting and I don’t know how to top it, or even match it.  I don’t want to do another peacock.  But I do wan’t to do something relevant.


I came up with a plan.  I had an idea.

Then I painted and painted and painted.

And, lo, I hated what I’d done.

My plan was a disaster.  It looked kludged together and ugly ugly ugly.


Did I mention it was ugly?

It was just bad art.

I had to undo it.  I had to paint it all back to before the disastrous idea.

So I did and now I’ve got an irrelevant, unremarkable, wooden slab of mediocre art with composition problems and I’m not sure how to fix it.

If it were my wood panel I’d have fixed the painting with a saw and a match.

That would be cathartic.

But, I guess I can’t do that.

I just want to paint over the whole thing and return a blank panel with my apologies.

I guess I can’t do that either.

I told Lucie I’d set it aside and give it some time before I revisit it.  I might get a new idea.  I might figure out how to fix it.

I might, yet, paint over the whole thing and start over.


I might reimburse our friend the cost of the panel and get some matches…