Opinions and A**holes

by Steve Mitchell

Okay, despite my obvious tendency towards the ridiculous and the whimsical, in real life I’m not much given to hyperbole.

In person, as silly as I may be, I strike people most often as calm, quiet, reasonable, and relaxed.

At least I believe I do.

That’s what I’m told.


I say this as a person not much given to hyperbole:

The idea of Trump winning the presidency has me considering, for the first time in my life, if it might be necessary to flee the country.

I know!

Crazy talk, right?  But, the concept is not without precedent.  It’s happened to others.  It’s happened more than once.

Now, I don’t want to leave the country.   I probably wouldn’t leave.  I love America.  It’s my home.  But…

Let me digress.

I remember one night, when I was just out of the service, before I was married, a buddy and I were drinking beer and shooting pool at…a gentlemen’s club.  *ahem*  Yeah, it was topless bar, and a seedy one at that.

I’ll get to the point.

We’d stepped outside to get some food from a vendor and while we ate, the bouncer ejected a loud, angry, drunk guy and pulled the door shut.

The loud, angry, drunk guy stormed off to the parking lot.   I remember I watched him as he went to his truck and I thought, Oh, crap.  Is he getting a gun?  He might get a gun.

Because, you know, if he were to come out of his truck with a gun, I’d have to leave.  I’d have to leave before the drunk, angry bullets started to fly.  I’d have to leave while I still had the chance to leave.

I stood and watched, anxious, until it was clear he wasn’t going for a gun.

And I don’t even remember what he did after that.

But, I remember that feeling.

And I’ll tell you; the idea of Trump as president gives me the same, exact feeling as the idea of a loud, angry, drunk guy with a gun.

I didn’t feel that way about George W.  Bush, or about Mitt Romney, or even Sarah Palin.  I didn’t like them but they didn’t scare me the way Trump scares me, the way Trump followers scare me.

I don’t know, really, what would happen if Trump were elected.  Best case scenario, I figure he’d screw up much of the progress of the last eight years with his blowhard rhetoric and publicity seeking, while mostly sitting on his hands and letting his administration do the heavy lifting.

Worst case scenario, though, would be bad, really bad, angry drunk with a gun bad.  He’s too much like Mussolini.  He’s too much like Gadaffi.  His followers are violent and angry.

The concept is not without precedent.

And that’s all; I guess.

It’s only my opinion, just idle speculation.

It’s just a feeling.

It’s just a really bad feeling.