Private Journal Entry #3

by Steve Mitchell


Dear Diary,

Date Night!  Lucie and I are going to Durant’s for dinner tonight.  I love our date nights.  The boys are old enough we can go out whenever our old-people bedtimes allow!

Lucie won a 100 dollar gift certificate to Durant’s in a limerick contest back in March.  I entered too, but didn’t win.  Did it sting my ego a little?  Yeah, words are kind of my bag.  Was I upset or angry?  Not at all. She did it!  100 dollars!


I’m nearly finished with R’s painting, btw.  I like it quite a lot.  It didn’t fight me at all yesterday.  I thought I was pretty much done, but I asked Lucie for feedback and she had an issue with her eyes being pulled to the top of the painting.  The top is a bit more detailed than the rest.  I don’t have the same issue.  My eyes go straight to the middle, but I agree, there needs to be more balance, pulling the eyes back down.  I’ve got an idea how to proceed.  I can tighten up part of the painting some.  It’s not daunting *knock knock knock on wood*

Oh, well, I’ve got to go pick up Mr. Alec.

See you Later, Diary