Mischief About

by Steve Mitchell

Hey Boys and Girls!

Feeling a little restless?  Feeling a little bored?  Maybe some levity is all you need!  Try any of these three, fun, harmless , summertime activities!

  1. Go to fancy, fancy restaurant.  No, even fancier than that. You’re not trying – fancier!  Go to one of those super fancy, ultra-chic, modern nouveau type restaurants, one that serves teeny little marble sized entrees on a swirl of fancy sauce.  Yeah.  Go to that restaurant and order a teeny little entree the size of a quarter.  Cut off a sliver.  Eat the sliver, then push the plate away and protest, no no I’m too full.  Swear you couldn’t possibly eat another bite.   Ask for a doggy bag.
  2. Summer is so hot, why not give all the kids pool time with blindfolds?  Let them play “Marco.”
  3. Still restless?  Start this next activity early in the day.  In no particular order: Shave your head.  Give away your possessions.  Join a monastery.  Sit in mindful meditation.  Exercise compassion.  Hone your focus.  Discipline your mind.  Devote yourself to detachment. Free yourself from the chains of joy and sorrow.  Achieve transcendence.  Part and parcel, become enlightened.  Be one with everything.  Fart audibly.  Blame…everyone.

Also, homemade lemonade is nice this time of year.  Enjoy!