Into the Future

by Steve Mitchell

Well, it probably won’t be perfect; perfection is a tough gig.  But, I went ahead and ordered a hat for my vacation.

It’ll arrive Monday.

As much as I enjoyed online window shopping for premium, Panama hats, I didn’t really want to spend premium money for a vacation hat.


After getting Lucie’s feedback on a handful of hat contenders, I purchased one of my earlier picks – the Cameron model fedora from the Wallaroo hat company.

It’s a synthetic, ivory-colored, straw hat.  It has a three inch brim, a thin leather band, a pinch crown and a UPF 50 rating.

Alas.  I don’t have a time-travel, future camera to show you a photo of how the hat will look on me.

But, wait.

I do happen to have painstakingly detailed and authentic, photo-realistic, time-travel rendering of what I’ll look like in the hat on Monday:


I seem to like it…