Up To Here With It

by Steve Mitchell

Hey, Steve, you may be saying, what gives?  We haven’t seen you around Burger World lately.

Well, it’s nothing dire.  I’ll give you the short version first and you can skip the rest if you like.

I have pneumonia.



This is the third time I’ve had pneumonia.

I’m about tired of pneumonia.

I should be going back to work the day after tomorrow.  I think I’m on track.

Anyhow, it just started as some post nasal drip two weeks ago, Wednesday.  I felt fine Thursday.  Then, Friday, I felt pretty crappy so I left work early.  I’d thought all day, How can I feel so feverish when I don’t have a fever?

But, I did have a fever.  I had a fever of 101.  I just wasn’t especially warm to the touch.  It tricked me.

So, I called in sick for the next couple of days and got plenty of rest and drank a lot of fluids.  Saturday and Sunday were hard fever days.  I had a sore throat which came and went.  I had occasional sinus pain which came and went.  I don’t quite remember Monday.  By Tuesday, the fever was gone, so I went back to work the following Wednesday.

It was a long day but I didn’t feel any sicker.

Thursday, though, was a very long day.  The fever returned.  It hit about 103.  I had pain in my ears.  I called in sick, again, for the next few days and planned to get medical attention the next day, Friday.

Oh, and that Thursday night (well, it was early, early Friday morning) my right eardrum ruptured from infection.  That hurt a lot.  That hurt quite a lot.  I didn’t know it had ruptured, though.

I don’t have a current primary care physician.  My last one changed hospitals and I’ve been lazy about signing up with a new one.  So, I went to one of those drop-in clinics.  I found one with good reviews on Yelp.

That’s the modern age we live in.

At the clinic, they diagnosed me with both sinus and ear infections (and the rupture) and prescribed antibiotics and what-not.  Good, good, good.  That was Friday.

But, by Sunday, I still had a fever.  And, I could hear rale, that familiar pop and crackle in my breath.

I went back to the clinic on Monday to followup and, yep, sure enough ….pneumonia.  They switched me to a stronger antibiotic, one which will cover the pneumonia and the sinus/ear infection.

And that’s where I am.  That’s where I’ve been.

It’s just been a haze of fever and mucous and coughing and weird sharp pains and moving symptoms.

But *knock wood* I’m on the downhill side.  I haven’t had any fever for a couple days (or those damned fever dreams.)  I have no sore throat.  I’m just waiting for the congestion and the pneumonia to run it’s course.  I don’t think I’ll be 100 percent when I go back to work but I should be well enough not to move backwards.

Have I mentioned I’m tired of pneumonia?

I am.

I’m tired of pneumonia.