Tomorrow Is Another Tomorrow

by Steve Mitchell

Ah well. So.

Yesterday I aired up my motorcycle’s tires. I knocked the dust off the seat. I test started the bike; the battery was a little tired but sufficient.

My plan was to ride into work this morning for the first time since all my pneumonia and ear infection nonsense last month.

And I even made a little digital picture about it.

And I wrote a little poem.

And I put it on my blog.

I was excited.

I looked forward to the ride to work, the short, short, too short, ride.


The battery was more tired than I gave it credit for and this morning it wouldn’t/couldn’t fire up the bike.


I took off all my gear and drove the car and lamented my laziness in not putting the bike’s battery on a trickle charger the day before.

What are you gonna do?

Try again.

The battery is on the trickle charger as I type.

I’ll try again.

Tomorrow is another tomorrow.