Call of the Road

by Steve Mitchell

Here’s a thing which happened today, this day, the 13th of September, 2016:

Alec got his learner’s permit to drive.


We’d printed the required form and filled it out and went to the DMV today after school.  Of course, the online form didn’t have the requisite barcode, so we had to do it again.  Still, we languished in the halls of bureaucracy less than two hours, which isn’t bad.

On the way home, we witnessed a fender bender, or, as I called it, a learning opportunity.

It’s always best to learn from other people’s mistakes.


Lucie has already taken him this evening to a nearby parking lot so he could get a feel for the controls and general car drivery.

The state wants him to have some 30 hours of practical driving instruction, with another 10 or so at night, before he applies for his license.  Also, he’ll need to be 16, but that’s coming up fast.


There it is.  It’s only just been one blink of an eye since he first asked me if he could ride his scooter, alone, around the block.

He’s eager to get going.  He wants the freedom and the sovereignty.  He can taste it.  I don’t think he’ll look back.

He’s his father’s son.