On This A Monday Afternoon

by Steve Mitchell

Hey, Steve!  What’s shaking?

Oh, hey!  I’m glad you asked.  How’s that?  What?  You-


Somebody asked.



I remember, years ago, I heard a David Letterman joke about a tabloid headline which read, “Lose weight without diet or exercise!”

To which David Letterman replied, “Well, that pretty much leaves illness.”

It’s funny because it’s true.

You may recall last month I suffered a bout of pneumonia and bronchitis and other, various calamities.  It wasn’t any fun and I’d gladly forgo the experience. However, because of it, I  lost about ten pounds and roughly an inch off my waist!

I don’t know if I can keep the weight off.  I’m not too optimistic.  But it was surely nice to fit into my kilt again, with some room to spare, when I went to dinner with my Sweetie last night.


Them straps don’t lie…

So that’s one thing shaking in the world of Steve.  I’m happy about that.

Another thing:

You maybe noticed I didn’t alter or border or filter or fancify the above photo.

Why, you ask?

What’s that?  Okay, well, I’m sure somebody asked!

I’ll tell you why.  It’s because I bought a new iPhone, the iPhone 7, and I wanted to show some photos unedited (although I did resize and crop them).

Yeah, I upgraded my phone.  There wasn’t anything super compelling to me about the new iPhone but I decided to take advantage of the subsidized price (through my carrier) and get on the front side of the phone technology.  I’ve upgraded every other model since my first iPhone 4.

I wanted the glossy, Jet Black iPhone 7, but it sold out so fast I settled for the matte black which is also nice.  I keep it in a case anyhow.

I also upgraded so I could give my old phone to Alec who’s been wanting a smart phone forever.  He’s been waiting patiently for me to relent on the idea and also he’s been kicking ass and taking names in school.  He’s earned it.

Oh, and, if I’m entirely, one hundred percentedly, beyond-a-doubtedly honest, my decision to upgrade may have been a teeny bit somewhat hastened by the tiredness of my old phone’s battery.

But I’m not saying.

There’s a new model Apple Watch too, but I don’t think I’ll upgrade just yet. The faster processing speed of the new model would be nice but I don’t quite need it or the gps.  I still really like my current watch.

So, Steve, but what about the phone?  How do you like the new iPhone?  Does the solid home button bother you?  How is the camera?  Is the phone much noticeably different from your previous phone?

Boy!  Somebody sure asked a lot of questions there, eh?

The iPhone isn’t visually much different from my iPhone 6.  Some people don’t like the haptic feedback and the home button.  I was prepared to be bothered and confused by it, but, right away, it felt fine to me and now I really like it.  I can’t double tap it with the same practiced ease I could the mechanical home button but the difference is minor.  I very much like all the haptic feedback throughout.  It’s subtle.

The 3D touch is new to me and I’m not sure what all to do with it.  I haven’t used it much.  I’m still learning the ropes on that but I do like having the extra contextual capability.

I like how the lock screen comes up automatically when I lift the phone and the touch Id sensor is so fast it feels like simply pushing the button to unlock the phone.

I can’t decide whether to enable the always listening “Hey Siri” function.  When I first got the phone, I spoke to Siri on my watch and the phone’s Siri also answered. That could be obnoxious.

I haven’t used the camera much so I can’t say whether it’s much better than my previous phone’s camera.  It’s supposed to have a wider color response and I think it might.  It’s also supposed to do better in low light, which I think it does. But, I haven’t played with it enough.  Here’s a couple more photos, all unfiltered:


Basil in low light…



Why yes, we do have a Halloween closet, and, yes, there is currently a mannequin in it – also in low(ish) light.



The only jewelry I wear every day.  Look at the scratches! 


That’s about it.  I wish there were some new killer app I could play with.  The new phone is a big improvement over my old phone but there isn’t much novelty to it.

And that’s what’s shaking.

I’m glad you asked!