One’s Nature

by Steve Mitchell

I peruse the web, as is my wont, and I see a link about left-handedism.

Is that a word?  Left-handedism?


Hey!  I’m left handed, I think to myself.


I follow the link.

Let’s see.  It says a study in Edinburgh found left handed people maybe more prone to PTSD.


Well, it’s been, I don’t know, 25 years since the Gulf War.  I don’t know what to make of that study.

I file it away, a curiosity to ponder later.

Then I read the study also found left handed people are more prone to anger.

huh and huh again

double huh


I ponder this right now.


That hits me where I live.  When I feel anger I feel it like a seizure, electric and visceral.  I do my best to avoid it.  But it’s always there, somewhere, ready.


I guess I’m wired for it.


sing for us
you pigeons you
never sing


© Steve Mitchell 2016