Halloween Parties 2016: The Four (five) Bowies

by Steve Mitchell

Last night, Lucie and I and Alec and Cos attended two Halloween parties as four different David Bowies…or it Davids Bowie?

Davids Bowies.

Cos went as the clown from Ashes to Ashes.

Lucie went as the Goblin King from Labyrinth.  Hers was the only store bought costume; she made the rest.

I went as Screaming Lord Bryon from Blue Jean.

And Alec went as Ziggy Stardust from…well, just from Ziggy Stardust.


and little, plastic Toby as Himself…


We got a late party start because the makeup was so intensive.


Did I mention Lucie made the costumes?  She was working on this one right up to yesterday afternoon.



Cos, though, painstakingly hand-painted Alec’s Ziggy Stardust costume.



I just showed up for the booze…


At the party of our friends, Barry and Isabel, another Goblin King showed up!


Toby, diggin’ the attention of the ladies…


We had fun.  The stress of creating four costumes damn near killed Lucie, but she pulled it out.

Oh, I ended that with a preposition.  Or is it an adverb?  I’d better play it safe.

She out pulled it.

In any case, it was a fun evening and both parties were huge.  We’ve got all year to recuperate and plan for the next costumes.


Happy Halloween!