Happy Birthday, Alec – 10000 Years Old!

by Steve Mitchell

Well, 10000 years old in binary...

16 years old?

This is out of control.

Hey Alec, remember how yesterday, when you were a green youth, all of 15 years old, you went with your mother and me to see the movie Dr. Strange?

Remember that?

Then we went to Five Guys for hamburgers.  Well, you and I had bacon cheeseburgers.  And the urinal in the men’s room, which we both needed to use after the movie, was some kind of silly, low height, maybe only 18 or 20 inches off the ground.   Remember that?

What else?

This morning your mom and I gave you a card and a check.


In was in this envelope; your mother has much better handwriting than I.


Gone are the days of ninja toys and Kids R Us bicycles.  You want the cold, hard cash, yessir.  This year, you want it so you can save to build your own gaming computer with the help of a classmate.  You’re also keen to get a job.

I’d thought about shopping around and getting you a cheap rig (do the kids call it that?) but figured you’d have more fun and satisfaction ordering the parts and building the computer yourself.

Also, today, after school, I took you to the bank and you opened a checking account.  The guy who helped us was named Mike.  You thought he looked like someone, but couldn’t recall who.  To me he looked like a coworker I used to work with on night shift.  His shirt was vibrant blue as was his tie.  He noticed your DOB and wished you a happy birthday.  That was nice.

And that’s about where we’re at on your birthday.  On the way home from the bank, my mother called and sang you Happy Birthday.  She always seems to catch you in the car.

You’re currently trying to set up the banking app but it’s faulting out with some sort of error.  I think you might need to set up your online account via their website first.  Also, you’ve just used your new account to subscribe to Spotify.  A debit card opens up the world (and thins the wallet!)

Tonight, your brother is coming over and we’re having stuffed zucchini for dinner.  I don’t know yet what he will have given you for your birthday.  And I’m not certain, but I imagine your mother will bring home a cake, as well.

And that’s about it.  For a milestone birthday, it’s been pretty low key.

Happy Birthday, Alec!  I hope it is/was a good one.  I love you.