Like a Million Bucks…or Six

by Steve Mitchell

What has two thumbs and, as of yesterday, is as cool as the bionic man?

This fella.


Let me back up a step or three.

You might remember Lucie and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday.  We went out for a burger and a beer.  Then, on Saturday, we got a room at a shmancy, downtown hotel and went out for a fancy dinner and to paint the town deep evening red.

It was delightful.  I’m feeling it today, sure, but the coffee is hot and the memories are fond.

So, yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re saying, but what’s this about the bionic man?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Lucie had been stressing over what to get me for our anniversary.  I’m hard to shop for.  But she remembered a thing about me.  The thing she remembered is this:  From the day I first saw one on TV, I’d spent an inordinate amount of my childhood wishing for an awesome, leather blazer like the one the bionic man wore.

I longed for one.  I yearned for one.

But, I never got one.  Who buys their children leather blazers?  I did have a brown, cotton windbreaker for awhile.  I enjoyed it because it was almost the same.


Anyhow, Lucie remembered this, and I don’t know where she found it, but she got me a brown, leather blazer straight out of the 70’s!

It is the amazing.  I absolutely dig it.

I’ve tried to find a photo of the bionic man in a similar blazer and I can’t find one.  He wore a lot of safari jackets.  Did I dream the blazer in my childhood?  Was it from some other show?  It doesn’t matter.  I love the jacket.  It’s the jacket I wanted for years and years.

And here it is:


It is a little musty.  I’m airing out.



I can’t wait to wear it out and about. So what if it’s 40 years out of style?   Cool is as cool does.


Thank you, Sweetie.  It’s a perfect and thoughtful gift!

I love you.


This fella!