A Birthday Out With Friends

by Steve Mitchell

Yesterday was mine and Lucie’s birthday.


We do share a birthday; although, I’m older than she is.

How old am I?

Well, I’m not saying, but…it rhymes with shmortyfine.



I took the day (and today) off of work, and we invited a bunch of friends and family out to celebrate with us.

We went to a Tempe brewery/restaurant.  The private room we reserved was more like a glass-walled atrium in the middle of the dining room, but it was nice.  There were TV’s all over the place but, at our request, they turned off the TV in our area.

It was low-key and relaxed and pleasant evening.  We have good friends.  It was a good time.


Ain’t no way we’re fitting 90+ candles on there…


Do beer goggles make me look younger?


Happy Birthday to us!