So It Is Resolved – So Let It Be

by Steve Mitchell

Here’s the thing.  Everybody makes New Year’s resolutions.  Sure.  That’s fine.  It’s a thing we do.

But, as we approach the new year, I’m thinking to myself, Self, that’s what I call me, Self, let’s do something a little different.  Let’s…ahh…permute the…paradigm.


Let’s mix it up.


I’m going to make An Old Year’s Resolution.

Yes.  An Old Year’s resolution.  Nobody does that!


I’m stating this in public so I have to stick to it.  You’re all witness to it.

What should I resolve?

Right, I know – fitness.

I already exercise about three times a week.  That’s not bad but I can do better.

Therefore, my Old Year’s Resolution is this:  I resolve to work out every day for the rest of the year!  

Every. Single. Day.


So it is resolved.

So let it be.

Unless I have to work.

Or unless, you know, I’m tired.

Or I need a nap.

Still, what an adventure!

I’m excited.

With all that exercise, by the end of the year, I’ll be ripped!

Stay tuned.