The Year In Review

by Steve Mitchell

Oh, goodness.  I haven’t posted all year!  Sorry about that.

It’s been busy, but now I have a moment, some quiet time, to look back and reflect on the year thus far.

Let’s see.

I remember, way back on the first day of the year, I got out of bed around 4:25am.  I had to work.  It was a holiday, if I remember correctly, but they still made me come in.  For every holiday, they wring their hands and say it’ll be “business as usual” with all the machines running.  But, it never is.

So, it was a pretty slow, relaxed day.  That was fine.  I scratched my arm on a piece of equipment.  Huh.  If I look now at where the scratch was, I can still sort of see it.  Must be the cold weather.

Anyhow.  Then, after work, I stopped for gas, then I went home and had some coffee and chatted with Lucie.  She told me how two different people at the grocery store said you have to eat sauerkraut on New Years day for good luck.  Huh.  We’d never heard of that!

Then I changed clothes and we went to a New Years day get-together hosted by our friend Monicque.

The weather was cold and drizzly but the rain eventually let up.  There was lots of great food (including sauerkraut!) and no shortage of booze.  We didn’t eat or drink all that much.  But we did stay well into the late evening, long enough for Alec to become concerned and text us to make sure we were all right.  We were all right.  He was all right.

Oh!  And now I remember – Here’s the view of the fire pit we sat around much of the evening:


Warm your knees by the fire…

When the party and the fire dwindled down, we left for home.  We brought some shoofly pie with us but still haven’t tried it.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever tried shoofly pie.  That’s why I was keen to bring some home when they offered.  Maybe today, probably today, we’ll eat it.  Where did we put it ?  It must be around here somewhere.  I’m sure it’s still good.

But, back to the reflection!  Where were we?  Oh, yeah.  We came home and warmed up some tamales.  We ate them and went to bed.

It was nice because Lucie didn’t have to work the next day, today, and it’s my normal day off, so we slept in late and woke up all snuggly.

Eventually, with the sun shining through the slats of our blinds, I got out of bed and put on some coffee.  I fired up the computer and realized – I haven’t posted all year.  


well, you know.  Time to reflect.

There’s still things yet to do this year.  I think I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow.  And I have to pay some bills and get our budget squared up.  But there’s time.  The year’s not over yet.


I can’t complain.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year.