Going to DoodleTown

by Steve Mitchell

So, I just bought myself an iPad Pro 9.7 and an Apple pencil.  I’d wanted some sort of laptop or iPad to have during an upcoming, three week stint of out-of-town postal training. 

But then, as I researched, I discovered the Apple pencil which only works with the iPad Pro.  

Apple pencil you say?


Yeah, I know.  At first glance, an Apple pencil seems a silly thing. But I love painting and drawing digitally, and the Apple pencil works great for that. It’s pressure sensitive and varies the brush stroke based on the angle of the tip.  There’s next to no latency and it will ignore your palm resting on the screen (although I don’t need to rest my palm much.)

It works very well. I’m digging it.

The not-a-self-portrait I posted yesterday was done on my new iPad using the Zen Brush 2 app and the pencil. 

And, today, using an app called Procreate, I doodled me up this self portrait:

It looks just like me! … in there, somewhere


I’ve got the technology.

I’m all dressed up and ready for DoodleTown.