Dear Trump Supporters…

by Steve Mitchell

I’m going to ask you something and it’s not a gotcha.  I’m not being flippant.  I’m not trying to trick you.  I’m going to ask you something sincerely as a means of trying to explain my worldview.

Here’s what I want to ask:

Have you personally known anyone who was killed by a Muslim terrorist?

Again, I’m not trying to set you up for a gotcha.

I’m asking seriously.  Have you ever known anyone, even a friend of a friend of a friend, who was killed by any terrorist of any sort?

I knew one guy; although, I didn’t know him personally.  We were stationed at the same base in Greece, more than 25 years ago and he was killed by Greek terrorists.  He was killed by a bomb hidden in his water meter.

Greeks are primarily Christian, by the way.

Other than that, I’ve known none.  None people I’ve known were killed by any sort of terrorist, Muslim or otherwise.

I mention it because I have known people who died suddenly of pneumonia.  I’ve known people who’ve committed suicide.  I’ve known people who were killed by cancer or who were killed in motorcycle wrecks or who were killed by diabetes.

Diabetes and cancer, particularly, loom in my family history.  But, I’ve never had a Muslim so much as speak rudely to me and I’ve known a few.


That’s all.  That’s my question.  I just want to share where my priorities are.

Can you maybe kind of sort of see why Islamic extremism is less a concern to me, less tangible, than the threat of diabetes?  

What about you?

What, besides Islamic extremism, scares you?

What’s taken the people you’ve lost?