Hey, remember that time a populist wave swept the nation and we elected a self-serving, unethical, needy, narcissistic, functionally illiterate, bully of a celebrity businessman to the White House?

by Steve Mitchell

And he never divested himself from his business interests?  And he signed executive orders without reading them?  And he got all petulant with everybody on Twitter?  And he let a white supremacist onto the National Security Council only he didn’t know it because he hadn’t read the executive order he’d signed?  And he appointed anti-government millionaires to his cabinet?  And he fought on the phone with world leaders?  And he called the media fake news when they pointed out his many lies and missteps?  And most republican members of congress were plenty okay with his shenanigans, unashamedly displaying their moral cowardice, self-interest, and avarice rather than serving the country?

Remember that?

I do. I remember it like it was three weeks ago. 

Good times…

People are saying it’s a disaster. So sad.