Whole Lotta Love

by Steve Mitchell

So Steve, you may be asking, where did you and Lucie go on your Mystery Date this past Saturday? 

You weren’t asking?

Yeah, but now you’re curious, right?

Okay, you win!  I’ll tell you.

On Saturday, Lucie took me to the Mesa Amphitheater where we heard the Phoenix Symphony perform the music of Led Zeppelin!


I knew we were going to an outdoor event, likely a concert.  I kind of wrecked her surprise by putting the pieces together by the time we got to will-call.

First, a guy in the parking lot gave us a flier for the band Zebra and told us tonight’s vocalist will also be performing at another show at some other place at some other date.

Zebra?  I thought.

Then, given my amazing powers of observation, I couldn’t help but notice the ticket table at will-call was draped with a Phoenix Symphony banner.

This means something…

Oh! I thought, doesn’t Zebra cover Led Zeppelin songs?  I bet this is the Phoenix Symphony playing Led Zeppelin music!

And it was.  And it was a good show.

We sat on a blanket on the grass and the weather was just a little bit on the cool side (which is why Lucie warned me not to wear a kilt; although, it would’ve been warm enough. But it wouldn’t have been as convenient on the ground as pants.)  The venue sold Budweiser beer but we drank from a little box of wine Lucie smuggled in.  Don’t tell anyone.

Also, it wasn’t very good wine.

But it was fun wine.

Performing with the orchestra was the lead singer from Zebra, and a rock band, and an electric violinist…well, the violin was electric.  The violinist had a normal person charge.

The singer didn’t sound exactly like Robert Plant, but he had the chops.  He more than did the songs justice.  Oh, and the drummer performed the bare-handed drum solo from Moby Dick and brought the house down.

Also, I didn’t rassle any bears, but a drunk lady did step on my hand.


hear my song…


singing to an ocean…


whole lotta love

Thanks, Sweetie!  I had a wonderful time.  I love you.