Are You Genghis Khan Reincarnated? Take This Easy At Home Quiz And Find Out!

by Steve Mitchell

Sure, we all have past lives.  But how many of us have wondered to ourselves, I wonder if I was, maybe, in a past life, a 13th century warlord and emperor who founded the Mongol Empire?

It’s easy to speculate, but there’s no need!

Take this easy quiz and find out!  For each question, pick the answer which most applies to you.  When you’ve finished, the scoring guide will tell you how to rank your answers.


Let’s Go!

1.  Were you Genghis Khan in a past life?

a. Yes

b. No, but I once watched The Wrath of Khan

c. No, but I listen to Chaka Khan

d. No

How to score your answers:

For every “a” response, give yourself 1 point.

For every “b, c, or d” give yourself zero points.

Interpreting the results:

1 point or greater – Congratulations!  You are the reincarnation of Genghis Khan!  You undoubtedly dream of conquest and fermented horse milk.

0 points or less – Too bad, you were probably a frozen serf or a syphilitic hobo.

Better luck in your next life!