I Like The Easy Fix

by Steve Mitchell

Yesterday, I got home from work to the news our washing machine wouldn’t drain.  Instead of draining, it complained with an “OE” error code.

For those of you with an LG top load washer, OE evidently means the drain hose is kinked or clogged.

Or it means the drain pump doesn’t work.


I manhandled the washer in our cramped utility room and managed to get at the drain hose.  Alec had mostly emptied the tub already, but a whole bunch more water spilled out when I pulled the hose – a lot more, way more than I expected.


I inspected the hose and it was fine.

I reinstalled it and followed LG’s advice to run the washer in spin only mode.  It still wouldn’t drain, though.

So, I figured the drain pump was bad or maybe clogged.  I searched online for any local suppliers which might carry the pump but couldn’t find any who had one in stock.  I found Sears Direct had it for less than sixty dollars, and, with expedited shipping, could get it to me by Wednesday.

I almost pulled the trigger, but then I thought to myself, Self, maybe I should wait until I inspect the original pump.


It was a good idea.

I put the washer out of mind (as best I could) and we all went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

It was a pretty good film.  I think I maybe liked it more than the first film.  It’s hard to say.

But I digress.

This morning, I put off dealing with the washer for a couple of hours.  Then, I unplugged the washer, pulled the back cover (there’s only four screws holding it on,) and removed the inlet hose to the drain pump.

More water spilled all over.  I didn’t quite think that through.

Ah well.

I reached my finger into the pump inlet and examined the impeller.  Right away, I felt something foreign.  What was that?  A spring?  A clip?  A safety pin?

It took a little blind fussing to get it un-snagged and removed, but I got it.

Ah ha!


I shall name you “OE”


I reinstalled the hose and plugged in the washer and tried a little test run.



That was encouraging.

I reinstalled the cover and washed a load with all the towels I’d used to mop up the spilled tub water.

I set it to “Heavy Duty” and the damn thing washed for about 35-40 minutes with me chewing my nails the whole time, hoping it’d drain when it got to the rinse cycle.

It did.


Also, the drain hose popped out of the drain outlet and spilled more water all over the floor.


Another towel.

Nobody has string mops anymore.

Anyhow, the fix was free and didn’t really take too long and I’m surely glad I held of on ordering a new pump.

I like the easy fix.