Mystery Fun Adventure Time – Fill In The Blank!

by Steve Mitchell

Steve, you may be asking, what did you do with yourself before writing in your blog?

Well, I may be answering you, I wrote silly things, only, you know…I wrote them on paper!


Before I discovered I could shout into the digital void, I wrote my silliness on paper and inflicted it on my family.

The technology changes but I remain the same.

So.  A couple of days ago, as Lucie went through a bunch of old photos and keepsakes, she found a story I’d written.

It’s silly and pure Steve, but, mysteriously, midway through the story, someone had literally cut a sentence off the page.  She and Alec waited for me to get home so they could discover what the missing sentence was.


Alec predicted I wouldn’t even remember writing the story.  Dad writes so many short stories, he probably won’t even remember this one.

He was right.

Once I read it, though, I did remember writing the story.  But, I have no idea what was in the missing sentence!



Perhaps you, good reader, can fill in the blank.  I’ve scanned the original document.  I apologize for making you read a jpeg.

Here, from I know not what year, is a little something I should probably title, Chork: