Happy Birthday, Cos! 11100 Years Old!

by Steve Mitchell

Happy Birthday, Cos.  As I write this, I don’t know how your day has gone.  I’ll see you tomorrow at your aunt’s house, for your birthday dinner, and I’ll get all the scoop then.

And I’ll find out what your mother and I got you.


As you know, today is also flag day.

And, as you know, it is also the birthday of the president who shall not be named.


We didn’t get him anything.

But hey, here’s a nice gift for you (and for him.)  The media is abuzz with reports the aforementioned pseudo-president is currently, officially, under investigation for obstruction of justice.


Okay, enough politics stinking up the place.

I hope you had a good day.  There’s no shortage of people who love and cherish you, including your mother and me.

Enjoy the minutes.  Enjoy the days.  Enjoy the years.

Happy Birthday, Son.  I love you.


Cosmo at 100