Still No Photo

by Steve Mitchell

And…the stitches are out!

Ten days ago I had an annoying cyst removed from my scalp.  The plastic surgeon made a larger incision than I’d expected (but not all that large,) removed the cyst, and left me with some stitches and instructions to apply anti-bacterial treatment twice a day and to come back in ten days to get the sutures removed.

And today was ten days, ten days of parting my hair to hide the small bald patch and the ugly, fresh, scar (made uglier, I discovered, by the lingering purple ink the surgeon had used to mark the incision.)

Today was ten days, ten days of gingerly washing my hair and treating it like a delicate wig, ten days of deliberately not touching my own scalp, ten days of scratching all up and down everywhere but there.

It only took the PA about five minutes, total, to remove the sutures.  I counted three stitches.  It had seemed like a lot more when they went in.  It had seemed like a zipper’s worth of tightly packed stitches.


The incision is still healing.  It’s a little tender and raised.  But, I can wiggle my scalp again without discomfort!  I can vigorously dry my hair with a towel!

I find myself wishing the stitches had been the result of something cooler than a cyst.  It’s not as much fun getting past an injury when the injury was voluntarily applied.  The cyst didn’t have to be removed.  I just wanted it gone.  The pathologist confirmed it was benign.

Oh well.

I’m happy to be done with the busy part.