Saving Time In These Busy…Times

by Steve Mitchell

Hey there busy person!

You know how it is.  Sometimes you think to yourself, Self, I sure would like to heat up some soup in the microwave…but it’s just not convenient enough.

Well, fret no more!  I’ve got one revolutionary word for you:



Everything is faster and more convenient when cooked in a mug!

Microwave soup?  Cook it in a mug!

Microwave oatmeal?  Cook it in a mug!

Microwave rack of lamb?  Well.  Cook it in a…big mug!

Microwave steak tartare?  Ehh, don’t cook it.  But do put it in a mug!

You don’t have to take my word for it.  Listen to an expert:

Hello.  My name** is J.W. Worthington Goodfellow III Esquire, DDS, MD, PHD, LMNOP, and I’m an expert scientist.*  Science has demonstrated, scientifically, foods appear faster and more convenient when cooked in a mug!

There you have it – just a little scientific tip to make your days more convenient and your times less busy.





*J.W. Worthington Goodfellow III Esquire, DDS, MD, PHD LMNOP is entirely self-accredited and is not to be considered, in the strictest, technical sense, an expert scientist. 

**The used of the word “name” in this context is for entertainment purposes only and has no legal sanction.