Small Tale

by Steve Mitchell

April 9, 1974, and little Tommie Spinnaker stands on a tree stump.  It’s a big tree stump.  He’s a small boy.  He opens an ornate box and removes a bamboo peashooter.

It’s a Himalayan Peashooter he informs his audience of fellow, small boys.  Gimme some paper.

The boys scramble and provide a torn bit of paper.

Little Tommie puts the paper in his mouth and wads it with his teeth and tongue.  He brings one end of the peashooter to his mouth and aims the other end at no particular thing.

He inhales quickly then blows the spit-wad through the peashooter with a thwip and a crack!

The boys jump back.

Tommie stands with his eyes wide.  He examines the peashooter.

He looks towards the horizon.

Thapp! Oww!  Something hits the back of Tommie’s head.

He reaches back and fishes through his hair.

Little Tommie Spinnaker finds a spit-wad.

The boys all stare, silent.

It’s time to get home for dinner.


© Steve Mitchell 2017