Heavy Is The Head

by Steve Mitchell

Achh.  Tomorrow I’ve got a dental appointment to get a crown.


It’s not the awesome kind of crown, the kind you wear on your head then people have to do what you say.

No.  It’s the kind of crown which gets glued to what’s left of your tooth after they grind the tooth down to shape.

I’m not looking forward to the experience.  I was supposed to have it done last month, but, first you get a temporary crown while they make the permanent one, and I didn’t want to be on vacation with a temporary crown.  A person can’t enjoy his/her vacation while chewing carefully on only one side!

Anyhow.  Tomorrow is the day.

I’m trying to be pragmatic.  My tooth isn’t in bad shape.  It’s just that it already had one filling and now it has another cavity, close to the original filling.  The dentist said they could fill the second cavity, but it’d leave the tooth weaker and might not hold up in the long run.   He gave me the option.


I figure it’ll be cheaper, in the scheme of things, to get the crown and hopefully prevent the need, down the line, for a root canal or an extraction/implant/bridge/whathaveyou.

Yeah.  Not that kind of crown.

Maybe I’ll still tell people what to do.