Biding Its Time

by Steve Mitchell

Here’s a thing: I have a cold.


I don’t have covid, no.

Unfortunately, a cold and a mild case of covid, share many similar symptoms. I’ve got a little bit of congestion. I’ve got a bit of a runny nose. I’ve got a tiny bit of a headache. It all started very vague and mild, and I’m prone to sinus congestion to begin with. But…

a symptom is a symptom.

So, I’ve taken a half a dozen or more rapid tests in the last month. The holidays were busy with visiting. I don’t want to get covid, but I’m vaccinated and boosted so the risk of serious illness is low. However, I also really, really, don’t want to give anyone covid. I don’t want to be the vector which puts someone else in the hospital, or worse. With that looming in my mind, before and after every social contact, I tested.

swab swab swab

Every test was negative.

By Saturday night, though, Lucie felt terrible and my symptoms became less vague and more nose-runningy. To make matters worse, I’ve read the antigen tests might not always detect covid, especially the omicron variant.

What do you do? The antigen tests keep saying negative but what if they’re wrong? How do you proceed?

Well, that’s when I scheduled a PCR test. Even with a scheduled appointment, I was in line, in my car, waiting to swab, for over an hour. I guess it’s a good thing. More people testing is better.

Anyhow, the results came back negative. Lucie also took a PCR test and her results were negative as well.

So that’s a relief.

I guess it’s just a cold.


It’s just a plain, old, ordinary cold.

It’s been awhile.