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Fourth of July and Not For Nothing, But

I woke this morning with a proverbial start.  Self, I thought to myself, people are maybe gonna think your post two days ago with the mermaid statue was some sort of commentary on the brouhaha surrounding Disney’s casting of the Little Mermaid.


It wasn’t.

It was none commentary.

Lucie and I were at a friend’s house for dinner and swimming, and our friend has that mermaid statue.  So, I took a photo of it.

I posted the photo with a little haiku.  Then, after the post, I saw, on social media, people losing their little, white minds because a black actress has been cast as Ariel for the live version of Little Mermaid.



Here’s my unequivocal take on that:

Being so overtly, publicly angry over who plays a character, no matter how beloved the character, is a complete waste of outrage.

How fragile are we, as white Americans, we’re unable to share anything with people of color?

I’ve never seen the animated movie, but, so far as I know, there’s no compelling requirement for Ariel to be white.  It’s not a central part of her character.  It doesn’t define her in any way other than her appearance.

What does this casting choice hurt?

Nothing.  It doesn’t hurt anything.  It doesn’t take anything from anyone.  It doesn’t erase the original, animated film.

It hurts nothing but the delicate sensibilities of folks who can’t abide anything not about themselves and their own experience.

She’s half fish, for crying out loud.

She’s fictional.


Although, now that I think about it, they’d better keep her fish parts green.  They’d better not change that.

If they make her tail blue, ohhhhhh!  I’ll be sooo mad.

I’ll be outraged!

Happy Birthday, America; these are not your best years.

Or Not, You Know, Do What You Wanna Do

Underestimate me
and you’ll be sorry.

Overestimate me
and you’ll be disappointed

Estimate me…and…



That’d be good; I guess.


That’s alright.

Estimate me.


Behind the Scenes: Magic!

You might remember, last week I hatched a plot to hide an origami rabbit under a coworker’s hard hat.

Origami Rabbit: one each

Well, after I made the rabbit, it was several days before my coworker again parked his toolbox next to mine.

But, when he did, yesterday, I was ready.

under the hat it goes…

And that’s how the magic is done.

My coworker will be a magician and he doesn’t even know it!

Now we wait.

It might be awhile.

It might be a very long while.


One Thing Up My Sleeve

Okay.  I have a little plan, a scheme, a plot.

And it’s afoot.

When one of my coworkers, we’ll call him John, works in my area, he parks his roll-around toolbox next to mine.

He’s a good coworker and a good toolbox neighbor.  I don’t mind.

But, on top of his toolbox, he keeps a footstool, one of those round types with no legs, like you find in a library.  Under the footstool, he keeps his hard hat.

A couple of days ago, as I looked at his box, I thought to myself, Self, that’s what I call me, Self, that stool looks like a big ol’ hat.


What’s the best thing to hide under a hat?

A rabbit!

So, I briefly considered finding a stuffed rabbit, but I don’t want to spend any money on a bit of silliness.  Instead, I went on the interwebs and got some learning and made this:


…don’t know my own strength!

That’s right; I made a little, origami rabbit to hide under a coworker’s hard hat.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t parked next to me today, so I’ll have to wait to sneak it in at a later date.  Also, unfortunately, it might be weeks or months before he needs to use his hard hat.

But, when he does…. POW!


He Walked In A Young Man and Walked Out A Young Man Who’s Graduated High School

kicking butt and taking names….

Congratulations on a job well done, Alec!

We’ve always been proud of the work you do and we’re proud of the young man you’ve become!

We love you, Son.

T.W. Fowler Poultry Elementary Presents: Pilgrim Day

From Ms. Gobbler’s first grade art class…

artwork by Tommy T.



Little did I know, all along, the hat had been wearing me…


© Steve Mitchell 2019

Mother’s Day 2019

all days
and this one


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you.

You Feel These Things In Your Colon:

“Watch out!” She yelled. “It’s an exclamation point!”

“A question mark?” he asked.

“No! It’s – Oh, never mind; it’s a period.”


© Steve Mitchell 2019

Best To Do In-Store Pick Up

If you’re ever home alone, late at night, and you hear a knock at the front door, pause a moment.

Sure, whoever has knocked might announce themselves, “Greetings Sir or Madam. I am the BasinBot 2000 you recently purchased. Behold the future of bathroom technology.”

But you don’t really know who it is.

It could be anybody.

It could be an imposter!

Let that sink in.

Or, wait.


Well. You know.