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Father’s Day 2019

Dad and Alec

When I was roughly the same age as Alec in the above photo, I remember sitting on the floor in preschool. We were all of us preschoolers, sitting on the floor, waiting for the end of the school day, waiting to be picked up.

The class door was open onto the parking lot. And, as I waited, I remember looking out the door and seeing my dad, just all of the sudden. There he was. He stood in the parking lot, still in uniform, backlit by the sun. I couldn’t even really see his face but, of course I recognized him. He looked ten feet tall. He looked solid and immovable.

That’s how I remember it.

And I remember I was thrilled to see him. I was excited to be going home. I was excited and proud to be picked up by him, to be seen with him.

As I got older, I stopped wearing my adoration on my sleeve. That’s how kids are. We’re eager to grow up. We’re eager for independence.

But, through all the various, self-centered phases of my childhood and adulthood, my feelings about him never really changed.

47 plus years later and I’m still proud to be his son.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you.


Behind the Scenes: Magic!

You might remember, last week I hatched a plot to hide an origami rabbit under a coworker’s hard hat.

Origami Rabbit: one each

Well, after I made the rabbit, it was several days before my coworker again parked his toolbox next to mine.

But, when he did, yesterday, I was ready.

under the hat it goes…

And that’s how the magic is done.

My coworker will be a magician and he doesn’t even know it!

Now we wait.

It might be awhile.

It might be a very long while.


Happy Birthday Cos!

I can’t believe you turn thirty years old today! Holy Moly!

I’m only 35, myself. I’m sure of it. That means you must be….13?

No. You’re too much of a decent, grown, fully formed, young man. I’ll have to revisit my own age later. Maybe I’m 40.

So. We didn’t do anything with you to celebrate this evening. We are getting together on Sunday, though.

Tonight, you had a game night with Laura and friends.

Before hand, Alec went over with his gift to you: a Flumbus.

That must’ve cost a few schmeckles. Am I right?


Let me reiterate what a good and decent man you’ve grown into. Don’t misunderstand; you’ve always been good and decent. But now you are autonomously so, if that makes sense. Now you are a good and decent presence in the world, a world too often short on goodness and decency.

We’re proud of you. We’re proud of the man you continue to be. We love you and we like you.

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations Cosmo and Laura!

Yesterday evening, our older son, Cosmo (that’s his family nickname) and his wife, Laura, held a lovely, outdoor reception, at his grandparents’ home, to celebrate Laura and Cosmo’s recent, Vegas marriage.

They’d gotten married, in May, at the Electric Daisy Carnival, an electronic dance festival in Las Vegas, As a venue, it was great for them and their friends. For parents and family, though, it wasn’t very accessible. Hence, the small reception limited mostly to family and family friends.

There wasn’t all the usual, tedious, wedding reception froofah. There was just food and music and family. There was also, of course, cake.

And, while the weather was definitely warm/hot, for June, in Phoenix, it was unusually mild.

It was a very nice evening.

Congratulations, Laura and Cosmo – here’s to many, many more wonderful evenings in your future!

Laura in her electric gown

Laura and Cos (as I call him) getting ready to cut the cake

One tier was almond and one tier was lemon


That Time, Today, During Alec’s College Orientation When Lucie Texted Me A Running, Inside Joke Which Went Right Over My Head, Resulting In A Couple Few Stressful Minutes For Me, Indeed


One Thing Up My Sleeve

Okay.  I have a little plan, a scheme, a plot.

And it’s afoot.

When one of my coworkers, we’ll call him John, works in my area, he parks his roll-around toolbox next to mine.

He’s a good coworker and a good toolbox neighbor.  I don’t mind.

But, on top of his toolbox, he keeps a footstool, one of those round types with no legs, like you find in a library.  Under the footstool, he keeps his hard hat.

A couple of days ago, as I looked at his box, I thought to myself, Self, that’s what I call me, Self, that stool looks like a big ol’ hat.


What’s the best thing to hide under a hat?

A rabbit!

So, I briefly considered finding a stuffed rabbit, but I don’t want to spend any money on a bit of silliness.  Instead, I went on the interwebs and got some learning and made this:


…don’t know my own strength!

That’s right; I made a little, origami rabbit to hide under a coworker’s hard hat.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t parked next to me today, so I’ll have to wait to sneak it in at a later date.  Also, unfortunately, it might be weeks or months before he needs to use his hard hat.

But, when he does…. POW!


Then There Was The Morning My Wife Went Out To Check On Her Zucchini Plant And Found A Blossom Had Opened Overnight So She Took A Photo And Texted Me At Work And I Said, “Nice! That’s going in the blog.”


I guess it was today.

He Walked In A Young Man and Walked Out A Young Man Who’s Graduated High School

kicking butt and taking names….

Congratulations on a job well done, Alec!

We’ve always been proud of the work you do and we’re proud of the young man you’ve become!

We love you, Son.

Just a Little Green Just A Little Luck


I’m beginning to suspect this business of avoiding a pinch by wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t the be all and end all I’d thought it was.

Sure, I don’t want to get pinched. Who wants to be pinched?


This morning, I overslept about 15 minutes and completely forgot it was Saint Patrick’s Day.

What did I wear?


I wore blue jeans and black boots and a red shirt!

I didn’t realize what I’d done until a couple hours into my day.

Oh no! What happened?


Not only did I not die an anonymous, Star Trekian, red-shirt death, I also made it through those hours at work without getting pinched!

I can’t believe it. Am I dreaming? I’d better pin-

eh, well. You know.


I’ve since added a little green to my watch face. If anyone tries to pinch me, I’ll flash that bit o’ digital green.

Better safe than sorry.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



Eh, so.  Back around the second week of January, I quit the Facebook.


I deleted my account.

You might remember I’d gone off of FB, previously.

Then, I was back on for a couple years, maybe.  I’m not sure.  It might’ve been five or six.

But, eventually, again, FB wore me down.

I’m not a good, emotional fit with Facebook.

I work weekends and I get up before sunrise.  That means on most Friday nights I’m in bed by 9pm.  I’ll occasionally go out on a Friday or Saturday night and suffer through the next day, but I can’t do that all the time.

Increasingly, my time on FB was spent watching people in my social circle (including Lucie) having all the funs on Friday or Saturday nights or doing all the funs during the day on Saturday and Sunday.   Increasingly, my time was spent looking at fun photos after the fact, fun photos taken while I was in bed or at work.

Then, also, I’d slowly fallen out of all my friends’ conversations and didn’t really have much to add or to say.  After a point, it gets harder and harder to chime back in.


What are you going to do?  It may be years, still, before I get weekends off.  But, I have to earn a living.

And, to be honest, I’m a serious introvert and wouldn’t really want to attend half of the things I saw on FB.

It ‘s hard, though, not having the option.  Instead of Fear of Missing Out, I suffered from Certainty of Missing Out.

That’s no fun.  FB was no fun.  Plus, Facebook has been kind of corporate greed incarnate, lately.

So.  That’s all.

I’m off of Facebook.  I don’t quite miss it.