Heed not Steve

Ain’t Killed Him Yet

curious a


© Steve Mitchell 2017


Her Nails Clicky Click

after dark

around the block

we walk our dog


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Hey Morning

on a laughing


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Dwelling at the Sunset Palms


how tall


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But What We Want


don’t need


© Steve Mitchell 2017

BlueBlack Night

waxing crescent

moon I guess –

I haven’t looked


© Steve Mitchell 2017

All Walkin’ Around


I have an idea
or no
I am an idea


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Free To Be Wrong

As you may know, I’m a veteran.


I’m a veteran and I served during time of war and I have an opinion.

Oh, yes.

Of course, the way I see it, being a veteran doesn’t make my opinion any more valid than the opinions of non-veterans.

But that won’t stop me from adding to the noise.  Here it is.  Here’s my opinion:

Kneeling during the National Anthem is not disrespectful to the flag.


It’s not disrespectful to the flag, or to the veterans, or to the first responders (whatever the hell that’s about,) or to the country.

Kneeling during the anthem is a polite, silent, respectful way to voice disagreement or complaint.  Since when is disagreement a form of disrespect?  Since when is it wrong to voice a complaint?

Here’s what the person on his or her knee isn’t doing during the anthem:

  • talking
  • laughing
  • buying a beer
  • drinking a beer
  • picking their nose
  • telling stories
  • mugging for the camera
  • taking selfies
  • dancing
  • singing
  • smoking
  • cussing
  • spitting
  • texting

The person on a knee isn’t:

  • wearing the flag as clothing
  • giving lip service to veterans
  • telling black Americans to “get over it”
  • waving a confederate or nazi flag
  • yelling at or threatening minorities in public
  • trying to elevate one religion at the expense of all others

As a veteran, I find all of the above actions much more offensive than a silent protest.

And so what.

It’s your choice to like or not like another person’s actions.  It’s your choice to voice your own opinion.

Everyone has that right.

So, if people kneeling during the National Anthem makes you all angry and itchy, fine.  That’s how you feel.

But, if that’s how you feel, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve ever honestly considered why they’re doing it?  It doesn’t seem likely.

Instead, do you just see red and decide they’re ‘ungrateful’ and should be forced to respect the flag or leave the country?

It’s your right, either way.  You have the right to your opinion.

But not all opinions are equally valid.

Not all opinions are right.

A Walk In The Dark


won’t be long
hold my hand


© Steve Mitchell 2017

And Cool In The Air

first day of fall
and, oh, wait…well…damnit –
second day of fall


© Steve Mitchell 2017