Heed not Steve

Happy Birthday, Cos! 11100 Years Old!

Happy Birthday, Cos.  As I write this, I don’t know how your day has gone.  I’ll see you tomorrow at your aunt’s house, for your birthday dinner, and I’ll get all the scoop then.

And I’ll find out what your mother and I got you.


As you know, today is also flag day.

And, as you know, it is also the birthday of the president who shall not be named.


We didn’t get him anything.

But hey, here’s a nice gift for you (and for him.)  The media is abuzz with reports the aforementioned pseudo-president is currently, officially, under investigation for obstruction of justice.


Okay, enough politics stinking up the place.

I hope you had a good day.  There’s no shortage of people who love and cherish you, including your mother and me.

Enjoy the minutes.  Enjoy the days.  Enjoy the years.

Happy Birthday, Son.  I love you.


Cosmo at 100

Our Living Room Lit

this warm evening –
a running cricket
catches my eye


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Update: Blue Light Special

Hey Steve, you may be asking, whatever happened with those blue light blocking glasses you got?  Do they work?  Do you sleep better?  What’s the scoop, Steve?  What’s the deal?  Huh?  What’s the deal, Steve?  Come on!  What the hell gives?

Were you asking that?


No matter.

I’ll tell you, anyhow.

You might recall I bought some Swannick, blue-light-filtering glasses to wear in the evenings, until bedtime, as an aid to better sleep.  The blue light from TVs and computers and phones tricks the body into thinking there’s still sunlight and prevents the body from commencing with its various sleep hormones and doze humors and what-have-yous.

Do the glasses work?

Yeah, I think they do, enough that I continue to use them.  I don’t wear them on the my weekends and my tendency to drink the red wine close to bedtime doesn’t help the science.  But, the glasses have definitely, if subtly, improved the character of my sleep.

Here’s some of what I’ve noticed:

It took a few days of wearing them to readjust my body clock.  The first few days I’d wake up after four or five hours feeling like I’d had a long, afternoon nap (I’d fall back asleep, though.)  After a couple of weeks, I resumed mostly sleeping through the night.

Right away I noticed I was mentally ready for bed a little earlier than I’d usually been (not that I necessarily go to bed much earlier)

On the evenings I wear the glasses, when I hit the pillow, I drool more, my eyelids feel heavier and easier to keep closed, and I fall asleep faster.  If I do wake up in the night, I fall back asleep easier (again with the heavy eyelids.)

I sometimes forget and look over the top of the glasses like I do with my readers.  I’m rewarded with a startling, bright, blue flash of unfiltered light when I do.

Along those lines, I wish the glasses blocked more side light. When I sit to the side of a bright light source, I’m aware of the unfiltered light in my periphery.

Too early is still too early and getting up isn’t really any easier. How I feel when I wake up depends more on what time I’ve gone to bed and how much of a sleep deficit I’ve accrued.

So.  There you go.

I like the blue filter glasses.  They’re not a miracle cure-all for our sleep-deprived times, and I can’t say whether they’ve improved my overall health.  But I like how I feel and sleep after I’ve worn the glasses an hour or so before bed.

I think they help.


and I can see through walls…

Saturday Lazy Grey

a double


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Should To Bed

I try to write
but who can think
oh that moon


© Steve Mitchell 2017


two geckos dead
in the bathroom
I blame the cat


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Mixing It Up

Over the last couple of months, I’ve gone and grown myself a beard.


It’s kind of thin.

It’s mostly white.

I keep it trim and short, very short.

It’s so short, some folks remark on how they’ve noticed I’m “growing a beard.”

Sometimes they ask why.

There’s no real reason.  I got tired of shaving every day or every other day.  It always seemed to fall on workout days and my arms would be all noodly.

Also, my dad has some worrisome health issues so opting not to shave every day takes one thing off my cognitive plate.

Also, Lucie likes it.

And I like it.

So, I’m keeping it, for now, anyhow.

What?  Do I have a picture?

Well, maybe.  It’s only been a couple of months.  Let me see…

Okay.  Got one!

Here you go:




For My Wife –  Wednesday Morning LOVEAMBUSH!!

I love you, Sweetie!

Not For Nothing

all day inside
the hot hot day
the day is mine


© Steve Mitchell 2017

And Now, Another Episode of “Little Known Facts”

Little known fact:

Before the first goose was discovered, children spent their days playing Duck, duck, duck.