Heed not Steve


I’m home, back from Oklahoma!


Lucie won’t be home from work for a couple more hours.  Alec will be home from school in a few minutes.  The dogs and the cat were home and happy to see me (well, the dogs were; who knows what the cat thinks?)

I’ve had a nap.

I’ve had some snacks.

I’ve had some coffee.

I’ve got a full sized keyboard.

Eh, so, I’m stalling a little bit here.


Here’s the thing.

On a serious note, I’ve mentioned a couple of time, in vague terms, my father’s declining health.  I haven’t been specific, but, I want to be able to write about it when I need to.

My father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


It’s not an easy thing to share.  I know my mom reads this blog and my dad used to.  I don’t think he does much anymore.  My sister does too.  I want to respect their privacy.

Also, it’s not a topic I enjoy visiting, especially because I know the disruption it causes me doesn’t at all compare to what my parents are going through.

But.  I guess I can’t give an honest account of The-Spectacular-and-Banal-World-of-Steve if I don’t, at least occasionally, share the unvarnished truth of where I am and how I’m feeling.

And I can’t give an honest account if I don’t take an honest assessment.  For me, being who I am, writing about what I experience helps me to assess it.

So, that’s all.

Life proceeds as it will.


brisk morning –
a warm coffee cup
in one hand


Rocky the


the winter

you can

build a



he’ll sit







to imagine him


he’ll sit




© Steve Mitchell 2018

Tall Horizon

stark winter –

and hazy trees

bereft of leaves


© Steve Mitchell 2018

I Like The Sound Of That

Let’s see. According to my Free Blog Clock and to other, assorted, more accurate, time-telling devices, in less than 72 hours I’ll be home!


You might remember I’m in Norman, Oklahoma for job training.


I get tired of coming out here, but this trip has been ok (no pun intended.)

The weather’s been pretty decent for winter, if windy. The class is pretty good; I’m learning postal network infrastructure and switch configuration.

Also, yesterday, two geese strolled by, honking and waddling under my hotel room window.

You know I enjoyed that.

Oh, and remember how I brought Ready Player One to read? Well, I actually read it. I haven’t read a book in forever. It felt good. I want to read more books. It’s on my list of things to do.

But, first things first – two more days of class, then a wake up.

Less than 72 hours and I’ll be on my way home!

The Future Of Blog Time

Hey everybody, can you guess what I’ve got here?


A Free Blog Clock!

Oh boy!

It’s amazing, right?

I’ve taken a blog and combined it with a clock, and … voila!

Blog Clock!

What’s that?

Okay, sure, yeah. It’s only correct twice a day.

And, umm, it’s not especially clear what time it’s actually pointing to. I’ll give you that.



Did I mention it’s free?

Fee Blog Clock!


Busy Busy Day

haze and rain –
I pull a neck muscle
napping too hard


© Steve Mitchell 2018


without words

our lives proceed



© Steve Mitchell 2018

Or, Oh No Wait

metallic moon –
I could fart while I write
and you’d never know


© Steve Mitchell 2018

View at Night

hazy rain –

car tires echo down

the highway


© Steve Mitchell 2018

Scotch Egg Recipe for the Busy* Fellow on the Go

Okay. This Scotch egg recipe is not traditional, no.

And it doesn’t taste authentic; this is true.

But, for ease and convenience, it’s hard to beat!

I present

Steve’s Easy Scotch Egg

Time needed:
About 5 seconds, excluding time for boiling, heating, peeling, etc.

one hard boiled egg, peeled
one sausage patty, cooked

place egg on sausage
gently smoosh