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If Not Our Eyes

this heat –
our heads remain


© Steve Mitchell 2021

Or Maybe

maybe I’ll write







music for the





royalty free



clicked and

heard and

all over

the webs

by millions and

I’ll sell it

I’ll sit back

I’ll rake in

the roya-



© Steve Mitchell 2021

Waning Crescent

he sees
the phase of the moon


© Steve Mitchell 2018

Oh, and Sunglasses Too

I need a hat.

I’ve been shopping online for a hat.

Specifically, I need a hat to keep those pesky, harmful, UV rays off my head and face and ears and neck.

Honestly, I guess I don’t need one.  I want one.

Yeah, I want a hat.

Why do I want one, you ask?

Well, it’s for my vacation.  I’m on vacation, officially, as of…. today!


We’re going to Universal Studios in California after a brief stop in San Diego, but I won’t tell you exactly when.  I don’t want all the internet robbers coming around while we’re gone.  Or worse, I don’t want roving bands of Pokemon Go players in our backyard.

Do they rove?

I think they rove.


A couple of years ago, at Disneyland, I got a nasty sunburn on my scalp, in my part.  So, I bought a nice, gambler-style, straw hat.  I like it, but it has Micky Mouse on it.  That’s fine for Disneyland; it made me look like I worked there.  But…

I want a different hat.

And I’m going a little crazy.  Being an introvert, being lazy, I’ve crawled the inter webs, but I can’t decide what I want.

Do I want a cheap, throw away hat?  Do I want an expensive keeper?

Do I want outback or a Panama or safari?  Do I wan’t crushable or packable or rigid?  Do I want stylish or beat up or outdoorsy?

And the reviews don’t help. For each hat I’ve considered, at least one reviewer says Fit was too large, while another says, hat was smaller than expected!  One says Brim is too floppy while another says brim holds up fine in all weather.

So, that’s where I am.

Everyday this week I’ve settled for a different hat.  Every day I’ve changed my mind.

Maybe I don’t want a hat at all.

Instead, maybe what I really want is…the perfect hat.


That’s a tall order.

The Perfect Hat

Wish me luck.

Life Online

in the ether
with bubbles


© Steve Mitchell 2016

Just Ask Them

trees in the breeze –
everyone online
so smart


© Steve Mitchell 2016


Shaking Free of Facebook

Last night I deleted my Facebook account.  Well, I sorta deleted it.  The account is deactivated but it wont be well and truly gone for 14 days.  If I log in before then, I can reactivate it all.

I don’t intend to do that.

I’d been waffling over leaving Facebook for weeks, for months – well, really, for years.  It was a painful choice; there’s no way to gently ease out of Facebook.

I’ve got friends I want to keep up with.  I’ll miss the easy contact with them, but . . .

I just don’t like Facebook.

I don’t like the Byzantine privacy policies and the blatant data mining.  I don’t like the endless group games which require armies of friends.  I don’t like the “post THIS if you truly care about X,Y,Z” status updates.

I don’t like the blurry lines between relatives and friends and acquaintances and strangers.  I don’t like the hazy etiquette and emotional dynamics of online, Facebook interactions.  I don’t like my own petty jealousies.

There’s so much I don’t like.  Facebook grows worse as it proceeds and I felt addicted to it, despite the nonsense.

So I deleted it.

And I felt kind of sick.

But, this morning, I felt less sick and more relieved.

And, that’s that.

So, now, I guess I’ll just have to live in the social dark, a semi-analog caveman, a throwback to the social days of yore, at least, that is, until I get a chance to check out Google+ . . .



lunch online
surfing with a sandwich
bits and bites
© Steve Mitchell 2011

The First (And Last) Annual Online SGofA Meeting

You have entered the Sarcastic Gents of America chat room:

MadJim(mod): Greetings, one and all!  Welcome to the first ever online meeting of the SGofA.  We’ve gone digital!

Flaco: Hooray!  I’m sooooo excited!!!

ICU: *snork*  goood one, Flaco!

Flaco:  Wht?

ICU: excellent sarcasm, bro

Flaco: ummm, I wasnt being sarcastic

ICU: oh

Flaco: Were u being sarcastic?

ICU: no, man . . . I would never be sarcastic

Flaco: r u doing it now?

ICU: can’t you tell?

MadJim(mod): I’m gonna interrupt you gentlemen seeing as how I haven’t even officially called the meeting to order.

sTnky: Roll call?

jack: Oh, by all means, can’t skip the official call to order!

Ne’erdowell: Checking in from the great state of Ohio!

MadJim(mod): Jack, what’s that supposed to mean?

Skallywag:  Louisiana in the house!!

jack: Nothing MJ, just saying

MadJim(mod): Don’t get cheeky with me

Ne’erdowell:  Can’t we all just get along?

ICU: I thnk we can all get along

Ne’erdowell: umm, ICU, *sarcasm* . . . heard of it?

jack: wtf?  MJ?

MadJim(mod): Okay everybody stop a moment!  This is getting out of hand.

sTnky: brb . . .

ICU: fu, man I’ve heard of it

MadJim(mod): what?!?  I’m booting you ICU, bye bye

*ICU has left chat*

Ne’erdowell: ICU was talking to me MJ

jack: I just love dictator censorship!

jack: that was sarcasm

MadJim(mod): This is not a democracy, jack.  If u don’t like it there’s the door

jack: fine maybe I’ll just go

Flaco: Oh no!  jack don’t go!

Skallywag: good one flaco!

Flaco: wht?

MadJim(mod): OKay, I’m calling a temporary halt to all sarcasm until we get the meeting officially started.

Ne’erdowell: That makes perfect sense considering we’re the Sarcastic Gents of America

MadJim(mod): You’re treading on thin ice Ne’er . . .

Ne’erdowell: I just mean because we’re Gents . . . gentlemen?  Is it just me?  This is confusing.

jack: *most* of us are Gents, some of us are dictators

MadJim(mod): bye bye Jack

*jack has left chat*

Skallywag: Louisiana in da heeeeeoooouuuuuuussssssss!!!!!

MadJim(mod): bye bye Skallywag

*Skallywag has left chat*

Flaco: Wht was tht for?

MadJim(mod): just because

Flaco: r u being sarcastic?

MadJim(mod): what?

Flaco: its rlly hard to tell

Ne’erdowell: do you even know what sarcasm is, Flaco?

Flaco: I know what it is

Ne’erdowell: tell me

Flaco: Oh, Id love to tell u!

Ne’erdowell: err, okay, nevermind . . . or wait.  Was that sarcasm?

Flaco: wht?

MadJim(mod): Sayonara Flaco!

*Flaco has left chat*

Ne’erdowell: Can u believe that guy?

Ne’erdowell: So, now what?

MadJim(mod): I guess that’s it.  This meeting is adjourned.

Ne’erdowell: Yeah.  Okay.  cya

*Ne’erdowell has left chat*

*MadJim(mod) has left chat*

sTnky: im back!

sTnky: hello?

sTnky: n e body here?

sTnky: man . . .

sTnky: Why does this always happen?

sTnky: oh

sTnky: this is JUST WONDERFUL

*sTnky has left chat*


© Steve Mitchell 2010


digital.Haiku –
more tags
than words


© Steve Mitchell 2010