Heed not Steve

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Invariably They Show Up


can’t throw
a picnic
without what
the people and all


© Steve Mitchell 2016

More Than Sometimes


more than sometimes

I’m a cat


not all cool

no fast reflex hunter

I don’t land on my feet

more just



not all ferocious

not with mean sketchy twitch

and low night time howl


you know

I like people we

talk and smile we

laugh and cry


I can’t relax

all in my space

where I live

they talk and look

do things

I can’t relax

there I am

there I’m not

a cat all


more than sometimes


© Steve Mitchell 2016

Ether Road Run


analog people
noisy with words –
digital birds


© Steve Mitchell 2015

And I Wonder

what also
chatters like people, like birds –
maybe monkeys?


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Or Maybe It’s You

Have you ever hesitated

in a noisy crowd

shuffling aimless

looking forward and back

at the shifting



of strangers

in the thick busy air

on the clattering side walk

on the thumping dance floor

and wondered

to yourself

alarmed and distracted


just how many


in that laughing crowd

in your shuffling crowd

are carelessly





© Steve Mitchell 2013


an icy breeze
whistling through t- t- t- t- t-  whistle ||| whistling ** wh*wh* wh*  icy breeze  an icy an i-i-i- wh********|||\\\\

*_*-*-*_ {————–}}||||||||||||||||zzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzZzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .. .. . .


Hello?  Hello?

Can you hear me?

Ah, yes!  I did it!  I’ve traveled through time!  It’s me, future Steve!  Steve from the future!


That’s right.  I’m from the future.  I live there.  In the future, time travel is as common as . . . well, it’s as common as not time traveling is in the past.

So.  Anyhow.

Sorry to interrupt that cute little haiku or whatever it was.

Umm.  I don’t know where past Steve is, or, as you know him, Now Steve.  He’s probably in the future.  That seems to be how it works.  He’ll be back when I go home – to the future.  I’m from the future.

Did I mention I’m from the future?

I know.  I know.  You have all sorts of questions about the future.  Well why wouldn’t you?  Of course, I don’t have questions about the future.  I live in the future!

Anyhow, let’s see.  Umm, well, I don’t pay much attention to politics so . . . you know, it’s about the same.  Probably.  Whatever.  There’s some President; I guess. I don’t know.  They do things – they sign things.  It’s quaint.  There’s lots of mobs and unrest.

It’s a utopia of unrest.

Oh!  Oh!  TV is now 4D.  YES.  How about that?  4D?  It’s awesome.  I particularly like the Love Boat reboot – Robot Love Boat.

Clanky the bartender is my favorite.

I also like the reality series, Time Chase Your Own Tail.  It’s – well, it takes too long to explain.  Suffice it to say, you won’t see any better knife fighting, anywhere, ever, any time.  It’s educational, too.

And, also, brace yourself . . . Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

HahaHA!   Not really!  I’m kidding!  I’m a joker.  I’m a joker from the future!  We don’t call it Soylent Green.  Had you going, huh?

Okay, well.  I’ve got to go.  The past is . . . boring.  I’m bored.  I need to be entertained.  There’s no entertainment here.  So.  Let’s see.  I read this entry before I left the future.  Now, I’ve got to try and reproduce it exactly or my time narrative will be destroyed.  Can’t have that.

If I remember, this post was exactly four hundred and thirteen words long.

And it ended, something like . . . . wait for it . . . something like . . .  .THIS.


.. .. .. …. .  .   ..   .

\\||an icy||-*_*–*

. .

an icy breeze
whistling through bare limbs
the future


© Steve Mitchell 2011