Heed not Steve

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Winter Cleaning

home from the dentist
my tongue
tracing my teeth


© Steve Mitchell 2021 

Nothing To At Sneeze

summer pollen –
he feels his sinuses
in his teeth


© Steve Mitchell 2021

Du Jour

winter evening –
the soup spoon clicks
against his teeth


© Steve Mitchell 2021

Do What We

I brush my teeth

there’s a chance of rain

always a chance


© Steve Mitchell 2020

Vivid Blur

I dreamed

I was born

I couldn’t remember it

but people told me

I grew some teeth

I grew some inches

I lost some teeth

and read a book

I grew more teeth

and acted tough

it was me


it was me

I grew more inches

we’re all going to die

I guarded my teeth

I shrank some inches


© Steve Mitchell 2019


brush my teeth
the cool cool air the
bathroom tile echo


© Steve Mitchell 2017

And Toothpaste On My Phone

the moon all silver –
I floss my teeth because
whose else would I floss?


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Ideas and Intentions Before Bed

I’ll take these

bad boys with any luck

to the grave

electric toothbrush

buzz and scrub


© Steve Mitchell 2016

Smile and Smile Again

On July 22, 2014, Alec got braces for his teeth.  The plan was for him to wear the braces for about 20 months.

But, alas, every time he was supposed to get the braces removed, the orthodontist decided things weren’t quite right.

Alec had three false we’ll-remove-your-braces visits and he became adept at coping with the disappointment.

Today, though, after nearly 27 months on a 20 month plan, they removed Alec’s braces.



He’s still not used to smiling, but he’s happy to.


No Fun

I floss my teeth
your teeth
your business


© Steve Mitchell 2015