an icy breeze
whistling through t- t- t- t- t-  whistle ||| whistling ** wh*wh* wh*  icy breeze  an icy an i-i-i- wh********|||\\\\

*_*-*-*_ {————–}}||||||||||||||||zzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzZzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .. .. . .


Hello?  Hello?

Can you hear me?

Ah, yes!  I did it!  I’ve traveled through time!  It’s me, future Steve!  Steve from the future!


That’s right.  I’m from the future.  I live there.  In the future, time travel is as common as . . . well, it’s as common as not time traveling is in the past.

So.  Anyhow.

Sorry to interrupt that cute little haiku or whatever it was.

Umm.  I don’t know where past Steve is, or, as you know him, Now Steve.  He’s probably in the future.  That seems to be how it works.  He’ll be back when I go home – to the future.  I’m from the future.

Did I mention I’m from the future?

I know.  I know.  You have all sorts of questions about the future.  Well why wouldn’t you?  Of course, I don’t have questions about the future.  I live in the future!

Anyhow, let’s see.  Umm, well, I don’t pay much attention to politics so . . . you know, it’s about the same.  Probably.  Whatever.  There’s some President; I guess. I don’t know.  They do things – they sign things.  It’s quaint.  There’s lots of mobs and unrest.

It’s a utopia of unrest.

Oh!  Oh!  TV is now 4D.  YES.  How about that?  4D?  It’s awesome.  I particularly like the Love Boat reboot – Robot Love Boat.

Clanky the bartender is my favorite.

I also like the reality series, Time Chase Your Own Tail.  It’s – well, it takes too long to explain.  Suffice it to say, you won’t see any better knife fighting, anywhere, ever, any time.  It’s educational, too.

And, also, brace yourself . . . Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

HahaHA!   Not really!  I’m kidding!  I’m a joker.  I’m a joker from the future!  We don’t call it Soylent Green.  Had you going, huh?

Okay, well.  I’ve got to go.  The past is . . . boring.  I’m bored.  I need to be entertained.  There’s no entertainment here.  So.  Let’s see.  I read this entry before I left the future.  Now, I’ve got to try and reproduce it exactly or my time narrative will be destroyed.  Can’t have that.

If I remember, this post was exactly four hundred and thirteen words long.

And it ended, something like . . . . wait for it . . . something like . . .  .THIS.


.. .. .. …. .  .   ..   .

\\||an icy||-*_*–*

. .

an icy breeze
whistling through bare limbs
the future


© Steve Mitchell 2011