I Don’t Know Much About Art or It Ain’t a Pretty Picture

by Steve Mitchell

What if…

in a fevered bout of vanity and art, I scoured the magazines, all the magazines, and looked at all the photos, and cut, carefully cut, only the most artistic bits, the profound bits which also looked like me, or parts of me, and then, in a frenzy, I glued those profound art bits of me into a penetrating collage, an investigation of life and meaning, and it just so happened to look exactly like me?


What if that happened?


It didn’t.

I don’t have that many magazines.  And I’m terrible with scissors.

But, wait!

Thanks to the miracle of modern, digital manipulation, I can create a simulation, a virtual collage!

Here goes:

*beep beep boop*


Et, Voilà!



Never mind.