Nose Grindstone

by Steve Mitchell

You may have noticed Lucie and I went to Laguna Beach a couple of weeks ago.


We had a lovely trip.  And, when we got back, I still had another week of vacation which I spent lazily at home.

But, as of today, my vacation is over.


That’s a fun word, dagnabbit.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy to have a job.  And it feels good to resume the ritual of routine.


I already miss the sleep.  So much sleep!  It’s amazing how much better a fella feels when he can just sleep!

And I miss my lazy clothes, shorts and tank tops, floppy hats and flip flops.  This morning I barely recognized myself in my work clothes (also very casual, boots, jeans and a pocket tee.)

I miss late night television.  Or I will miss it when I have to go to bed before 9pm tonight.

Mostly though, now that I’ve returned to working weekends and going to bed early, I’m going to miss all the extra time with my Sweetie.  She’s my best friend and being with her is the best part of my vacation.


What are you gonna do?

I do like getting paid.